Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Exciting Announcement!

This post will be short and sweet.

 My cast came off today and while I am having some serious mobility issues, I can type much easier now!

What does this mean?

 I will be back to my regular posting schedule starting Monday, April 21!

 Special thanks to those who helped me with some guest posts during this traumatic time. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your efforts. While I will be back to posting regularly, I am still completely open to guest posts. So, if you have some amazing (relevant to my blog) content, please let me know!

 Also another announcement - I am going to start moving some items around and make room for ad space! If you would like to advertise, please let me know. Happy Easter and have a great week!!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guest Poster - Author Catherine Peace

About the Author:
Catherine Peace has been telling stories for as long as she could remember. Maybe even from the womb; no one knows for sure. Now, she writes delightful romances with enough spice to make Emeril happy when not masquerading as a normal person at the day job.
Reviewer for Indie Books R Us

One of the best parts of writing is creating the characters who bring your story to life. I love writing all manner of people, but I have a soft spot for writing writers.

The heroine of my newest release, Complete Me, is a lot like me—an author in a genre she never dreamed of writing. A science fiction lover at heart, she found her path to publication in romance.

I discovered a slight problem with her, though. Her part of the story revolves around her 5-book romance series that takes place in Prohibition-era Chicago, and each book title is the title of a Chicago song. Her latest, All Roads Lead to You, sounded super fun. Like fun enough to make me want to write it.


I’ve never encountered this before, but I’d never gone this in depth with a character’s project, either. I planned the entire backstory and brought the protagonists to life in my own mind, even writing an excerpt for Claire’s book release party. That didn’t help with wanting to write the full book. The hero, Trace, is in Al Capone’s gang, trying to rise through the ranks; the heroine, Ella, is the daughter of one of Chicago’s corrupted police officials. Plenty of opportunity for all kinds of tension, and we writers love us some tension.

So far, I’ve managed to stay somewhat on my scheduled projects, but this series—a series that isn’t even real—is still lingering in my mind. Maybe it’s a residual effect from Claire still being in my brain, but Trace and Ella nag me a little bit.

Maybe if I could get 1920s vernacular down one of these days….

To celebrate Complete Me’s release, I’m having a giveaway! Up for grabs—a $25 iTunes gift card, a free copy of the book, and a Complete Me-inspired t-shirt. Entry form is below the info!

A romance author who needs to love….
Best-selling romance author Claire Ergleston confines her passions to the pages of her books. When she receives a 1Night Stand date ‘to give her something to talk about in interviews,’ can she let herself be swept away?

A rock star who needs to let go….
The past has a chokehold on former rock star Ty Krause. Instead of killer tunes, he kills time writing passable songs for a British boy band and his nights wishing he had the balls to say goodbye. In a last ditch effort, he signs up for 1Night Stand, thinking that a night of no-strings-attached sex will help him break the leash of his past.

From the moment Claire and Ty meet, sparks fly—but can they overcome their pasts or will their potential love story end on a sour note?
Available 3/21from the following e-retailers:

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mamavation Monday 3/17 - Broken Elbows and Blog Nominations

So my elbow is definitely broken..... I'll definitely be in the most annoying cast for six more weeks minimum.... No fun at all...

However, I go an exciting email this morning! I was nominated as one of Voicebok's Top 50 Eco/Green bloggers.

So now I am just begging for votes so I can make it to the Top 10.

So, if you are reading this and could give me a quick vote, I'd REALLY appreciate it. You can vote by clicking the badge on the right or by clicking here.  Make sure to vote for "Katie Thinks"

This week's focus is to stop eating out so much.  Between the million doctor appointments for my elbow, I got into a really bad habit.  Once this cast is off, the focus will be on strengthening my arm,

I've had plenty of broken bones and I have yet to have one make ne physically ill like this one has! YUK.

What are your plans for this week?

Have a great week!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Guest Post - Ginger Pennington - Some Notes On Happiness

About the Guest Poster: Ginger Pennington is a future Hollywood Star, Certified Yoga Instructor who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Dramatic Arts and Creative Writing.  She also has a Masters Degree in English with emphasis in Creative writing from Eastern Kentucky University.

Some Notes on Happiness My friend across America just had her first baby, and while I can't advise him on much, I can offer a few pointers on happiness. So I write this note for the new little boy, and for every one-time baby that might need to remember this -- my advice on how to stay happy. 

Dear Baby, 

Stay the way you are, living in the moment, looking at everything as if it were the first time you've seen it, and being open to learning something from every person and experience. You won't get bored this way, and you can find a little celebration in every moment if you look for it. If you're having a bad day, that's okay: just look for the absurdity in the situation, and you will probably think it's darkly funny. If you have no sense of humor, get one by any means. The bad day (week/month) will end and if you keep your humor, you'll be back to your happy self soon. 

I watched a documentary recently called The Happy Movie (it's on Netflix). It followed the lives of lots of happy people all over the world. Some were in communal living situations in Denmark, some lived under tarps in India, some were Bushmen living in the Kalahari, some had overcome great physical trauma...but all of them said "I am happy." These people, along with me, a late-twenties misfit with no established "career" and a mountain of debt, are happy in our situations, and we all have the following things in common. 

1. We are grateful. Instead of comparing yourself to that perfumed lady whose outfit costs more than you make in a year, put your life in perspective and look at what you do have. If you live under a tarp, be grateful that you get the afternoon sunlight from the west. If you are one of the Bushmen of the Kalahari, be grateful that you are surrounded with people who care for you. You will feel joyful if you are happy with what you have. 

2. We stay active. Babies, by the time you are teenagers, there will probably be a Matrix you can hook yourself into and play video games with your mind while your body lies in a pod. Please use this in moderation: there is no replacement for getting outdoors, sweating, feeling like you are using your body the way nature intended; moving makes you feel vital and alive. And stay active mentally, too. Read and watch and discuss and create! Do things when an idea strikes; don't save them for later when the passion has died. 

3. We maintain meaningful social interactions. This will help you stay mentally and physically active, and open your world up to new experiences. Find love, or find friends, or spend time with family or a group of like-minded people. Just talking to others is proven to light up happy parts of the brain that otherwise lie dormant. Get your alone time when you need it, but don't be a hermit! 

4. We commit kindness. Do things for other people. Be thoughtful. Give compliments freely. Smile at strangers. You never know whose day you're going to save just by letting someone in front of you in line. And don't expect yourself to be perfect; don't expect anything from yourself that is impossible. If you decide once in a while to stay in bed and talk to no one and not move except to get the pint of ice cream out of the freezer, don't feel guilty about it--you are human! Love yourself for who you are and own it. 

That's all for now--I can't wait to meet you! 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guest Poster - Verna Loves Books - Book Review of Hope by Morgan Parker

About the Guest Contributor: Hey! My name is Verna. I started a book blog back in October of 2013. I started the blog so that I could share my love of books with everyone. I have read so many amazing books and authors that I just couldn't keep it to myself. Over the past few months I've reviewed all kinds of wonderful books and I've shared book sales, covers, new book releases. Anything book related I share it on my blog. I also have a Facebook page for the blog as well. Recently I added a new member to the Verna Loves Books team, Veda. She has become a wonderful friend and I couldn't be happier about her joining me to share my love of books with the world. Together we help to promote amazing authors to our followers and friends. So if you love books and love getting know whats new and whats hot follow us. We have some amazing authors takeover the Facebook page as well as giveaways. 

You can connect with Verna via her blog or Facebook!

Title: Hope
Author: Morgan Parker


Morgan Barker, the lead character of Non Friction and brilliant author of Our Story, has all but recovered from the heartache caused by Emma. But when his company’s accounting firm sends a beautiful young woman named Hope to inquire about some suspicious account practices, Morgan finds himself lured back into the beautiful story that he created and wanted to forget about. Except this new story is different than Morgan’s unpublished, never-seen-before version. Read deeper into Olivia and Oliver’s ongoing and difficult love affair, their secret moments and the struggle that kept them apart for so long. – Hope, February 2014.

~Verna's Review~

Morgan Parker has done it again. Left me completely speechless and crying. When I was first introduced to this amazing writer, it was when I read Non Friction, which has become one of my favorites. After reading it I was so in love with the thought of Olivia and Oliver’s story. So much that I never let down that Morgan should write it, yes I was relentless when it came to this beautiful tale. So when I got to read Hope and get more of their story it was everything I dreamed it would be. It’s perfection.

I enjoyed and loved this story so much I’ve read it three times, yes three. But it’s because it is so beautifully written and it gave me the one thing I wanted, Oliver and Olivia.
Olivia is such an amazing woman. I love that even though she knows deep down things aren’t going to be easy she still keeps fighting. My heart broke for her more than once in this story. To be in love with someone you can’t completely have is absolutely heart wrenching. I loved how strong, caring, and loving she was.

Oliver, o how I love Oliver. He is an amazing man, even though I wanted to smack him a few times for not seeing what he plainly had right in front of him. He was a great and caring man who will tug at your heart. You can’t help but want to make his world better.

Oliver and Olivia’s relationship isn’t ideal, but it’s one delightful relationship that you will enjoy reading. I loved reading their journey and getting to know more about each of them. The turmoil of not being together, the fight inside their head to do what was right instead of following their hearts. So yes this is an incredible story.

So if you love a passionate, loving and exquisite story that will stay with you for a long time, this is the book to read. It’s one of Morgan Parker’s masterpieces! I couldn’t have asked for a better story.

~Veda's Review~

When I was gifted non friction a few months ago, I was surprised by how much I loved it. I was iffy at first about reading it because it was written by male author and I totally stereotyped him. Boy was I wrong! I was sucked in on page one and spit out in the acknowledgements. It was a roller coaster ride, but one that I'd happily ride over and over. Morgan's writing is like an addiction and it always feels real. Once you get a taste, you'll always want more. Hope is no different. The beginning and ending with Morgan were hard for me to swallow. I see Morgan as strong, funny, cocky and together. Seeing this side of him, the broken side of him, was painful for me. When we meet Hope, she's meeting Morgan for the first time, and its not long before she drops "the bomb" on him. Whatever was left of the witty and cocky facade is gone. 

In its place is a lost and lonely man. 

Hope... She came in balls to the walls. She wasn't playing any games, she came, she saw and she laid the smack down. Spitfire comes to mind when I think of Hope. She takes no BS and tells it like she sees it. 

No sugar coating it for her. 

Now for what we all begged and hoped for. Oliver and Olivia's "Our Story". 

Love, heartbreak and joy. You easily feel every ounce of every emotion that Morgan is trying to portray. You feel Oliver and Olivia's love, you share their heartbreak and your heart sings when you feel their joy. ( it did for me anyway) Morgan Parker has a way of writing that makes you feel them all. You will smile, laugh, definitely cry, hurt and you will love...you will fall in love with this novella and wish that it was longer. It felt so realistic to me. Almost as if Morgan Parker himself had lived it and was telling us his story, it's believable and real. 

For all of the people who wanted a HEA from Morgan, well, this is it. It was my HEA. For anyone who wanted more of "our story" this is it. Its beautiful from start to finish. 5 stars for Hope.

See the original blogpost here.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mamavation Monday 3/10 - Rough Few Weeks

A few weeks ago, I mentioned starting up p90x again... And then on one
evening I began to feel like pooh.  I completed that day's workout, but didn't do it for a few days.  I started back up and didn't let it bother me that I missed a few workouts.

I swear my body must flip when I do p90x.  Seriously.... Every time I've done it, I always get sick.  A few years ago my husband and I both came down with a virus that made us lose a ton of weight and feel like death.  We were both getting some serious muscle at that time too!

I fell behind on blogging too.  I told myself I was going to blog daily this year.  Well, life happened and I missed my FIRST day this year a few weeks ago.  That's OK too.  As I said, my resolution was to be kinder to myself.  Just like with the workout mishap, I will pick myself back up and keep on going.

So, after picking myself up after missing a few workouts, I was doing great.  Then Tuesday night happened.  I was going into work to hang air monitors when I slipped on black ice.  I caught myself and hurt my left arm pretty bad.  I was up all that night crying and in pain.  I went to ER next morning and they said it looks like a fracture.

Horrible pic of me.
Cast wrapped up because they split it
for MRI tech to remove easily.
I went to ortho Thursdsy.  They can't find fracture but all signs of fracture are there - swelling, bones not positioned correctly.... .So, I am waiting on worker's comp to authorize an MRI so we can see how bad it is fractured.  If it's small, we can do cast.  If it's large, then we have to do a screw.....

So, I'm out of commission for the next few months.  I am also looking for guest posters of any topic. I will do the Monday post because blogging is hard to do one handed,  This one is being done primarily on my phone which isn't easy either.

Please let me know if you are interested. I will really appreciate any help!!!

Normal Elbow
My Elbow

Have a great week!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mamavation Monday - Tuesday is the New Monday?

The title is strange, but there is a method to it.  I will explain later in this post.

First of all, I crashed and burned badly while trying to keep up with Paleo.  I simply can't stick to the restrictions with my lifestyle.  I am on the go constantly and while many places offer healthy alternatives, these alternatives are not always paleo approved.

Am I beating myself up about it?  Absolutely not.  It's something that is not for everyone and I am one of those individuals.  Did I learn some amazing recipes from it?  YES! Will I continue to be mindful about foods?  Absolutely.

I did manage to do some type of exercise for 30 minutes each day.  That was simple.  I've been in that habit for a while now.  So this week, I am upping it and starting a formal "routine" for lack of a better term. I am pulling my p90x DVDs off the shelf and dusting them off.  I have the first p90x - which tells you how far behind the times I am considering they are on p90x3 now.... PS If any Beachbody coaches need a review of it, let me know!! HA

I am going to do the lean version as I want more cardio than strength training at the moment.

Where does Tuesday being the new Monday fit into all of this?  Well, My Day 1 will be Tuesday as Mondays are usually too chaotic for me.  So, to make it simple, I will make Monday my Rest/Stretch X day.

What plans/goals do you have for the week?

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