Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweet Potato Fries

Currently, I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with Sweet Potato fries!  I found the Recipe from my mamavation sista, Lori, at My Kinda Rain.  Little Did she know that she created a monster the day she posted this recipe!

Of course, I had to make a few changes and make it my own.  The original recipe calls for use of cooking spray.  I simply put cooking oil (organic) into a spray bottle to avoid the JUNK/CHEMICALS in cooking spray.  However, I'm a paranoid freak about that stuff!

I took a picture of the ones I made yesterday, but they got a little burned because I didn't hear the timer right away!


Sweet Potatoes
Fresh Cracked Sea Salt
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper


Preheat Oven 425-500 depending on your oven.  I have to do 425 because my oven chars everything it seems!
Peel and Cut sweet potatoes as thin as you prefer.  Remember, the thinner the fry, the crispier it will be! (you can also make them into chips if you prefer)
Spray aluminum foiled cookie sheet with cooking spray/oil
Have separate container (I use pyrex) and place fresh cut potatoes in it.
Spray a thin coating over the potatoes
Add the spices
Cover container and SHAKE! (This gets a very nice even coating)
Cook 15-20 minutes.  I cook 20 minutes in my oven.  If the fries seem like they are getting too dry, spray a little, but not too much, oil on them (a misting!)

NOTE:  If you use too much oil. you will have soggy fries! Also, I have a compost pile in my yard.  So, I typically have a little bowl by the stove to put things like potato peels in it.  When I go outside, I can dump the bowl onto the pile.


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