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Game To Help Kids Declutter Their Toys - Bringing Flylady To The New House!

My son's room is my worst room of the house.  It scares me.  Every time it needs to be cleaned, I literally want to run and hide or just shut his door.  This method has not been working for me - at all. 

I don't want to be that crazy mother who just goes and throws everything away when my child isn't home.  I want him to have the choice of what he gets to keep.  But, the issue is that when he goes through his stuff, he wants to keep it all! 

Christmas has just passed and his birthday is in the beginning of February, so I needed to get creative quickly.  If I don't get some of this clutter under control, I will be further buried which is not what I want.

My creativity resulted in making up a game.  The object of the game is to get through each "zone" and pick items to give away. 

Here is what you will need to gather:

One regular dice from any board game
Piece of paper folded into squares

Directions to play:

Break each section of the room into zones.  For example, I broke my son's room into "Stuffed Animals" "Movies" "Cars Bin" "Animal drawer" etc.

Write each zone on the small squares of paper.  For the zones that had a lot of things such as my son's car's bin I made 2 squares for it so that he would go through that zone twice. 

Fold each square and place into a pile.  This will be where your child draws the "zone" in which to declutter.  The dice is then rolled to determine how MANY of the toys/items from that particular zone must be gotten rid of.  Example:  My son drew the stuffed animal zone first and then rolled a 2 on the dice, so he got rid of 2 stuffed animals.

A rule that I made is that if he starts to whine or cry about this, then *I* get to pick which items from the zone go!  My child tends to be rather dramatic and whine about anything, so I had to make that rule.

We played the game and while it was slightly painful, he did show some enthusiasm in which category he would draw and how many he would. He loved when a low number came up on the dice!

Here's a pic of the set up I used as I am saving the "zone" pieces for the next time we play.
On the bottom are the ones we already had gone drawn/gone through and on the top are the ones still left to draw.

We will be playing this game at least once a week in his room until his birthday for sure! 

I am going to continue this game throughout January for sure and I will post before and after pics to see how much this has accomplished.


Laura Lohr | My Beautiful Life said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think I am going to have to employ some of your methods! My daughter's birthday is in November, then comes Christmas. I can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed!

Have a Happy New Year!

Shelley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates
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Shelley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a great game! I love it :)

I "manage" (and I use that term loosely) the boys clutter in a couple of different ways - of course mine are older so may not be ready yet...

I bought them both an under the bed storage box where they can keep their "treasures" that don't have homes anywhere else. that way, it's out of my sight, but they get to keep it.

For papers (artwork etc) the boys have big bulletin boards in their room. When the board is full, they HAVE to get rid of one before they can put a new one up.

4 times a year we go through all of their toys and games with a box and a trash bag. Any toy with missing parts, pieces, or doesn't work anymore goes straight to the trash. Anything that I don't think they play with or that they think they don't want goes in the box. I keep the box for 3 months (in the garage) so if they have a change of heart, they can rescue it from the box but right before it's time to do it again, anything left in there goes straight to goodwill. Something about the box makes it so that they feel more comfortable getting rid of stuff knowing they can have it back if they change their minds.

even still... it's always a battle with boys... so much so, my mom has been bribing them with cash... heck - I'd clean my room for $5 LOL!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your game :)

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